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new Lonis EP out 27 09 2013
supported by:Additan Radio,bobi clubfm radio,DJ Danila,Lineki,Marco Carola,dan marciano,
Chris Jackson aka Filthy Mank,Jason,Marco Piuri,Toni Espagne,Total Wipes,frisco,Dj Kato and more...

GIPSIES CASINO'-Dawid Gurbowic feat Jin Mao EP PDF Stampa E-mail


CygnusX1records proudly presents:
New project of Dawid Gurbowicz and Jin Mao, for start to create a live session in next months.
This is a first Ep coming out : 31/07 on Beatport
Gypsy sounds to recall childhood, to divert the thoughts and lulled by the music.

BACK TO HEAVEN-Shamano EP PDF Stampa E-mail


1 Back to heavenOriginal mix
ISRC: ITBE71300042
2 Back to heavenminimal mix
ISRC: ITBE71300043
3 Soul of mineOriginal mix
ISRC: ITBE71300044
Tech House


  • Elton D:«Full Suport!!»(9/10)

    Will support and chart

  • bobi clubfm radio:«Back to heaven (Original mix) andSoul of mine (Original mix) are superb! will be on my sets»(9/10)

    Will support and chart

  • Additan Radio:«Soul of mine for me! Thank you»(8/10)

    Will support and chart

  • Niki Belucci:«cool ep thanks»(8/10)

    Will support and chart

  • Chris Jackson aka Filthy Mank:«Soul of mine Original mix is working for me...NICE...!»(8/10)

    Will support and chart

  • Ace Paradise:«''Soul Of Mine'' For Me, Thanks. Really Great Track ! Support !»(8/10)

    Will support

  • .Leonard Hammond:«This joint is hot»(8/10)

    Will support and chart

  • Erwin Kelemen:«good work,thx»(7/10)

    Will support and chart

  • Franco Bianco (Hypercolour, Multivitamins, Dilek):«Huge one! I will give airplay at Delta FM 90.3, Buenos Aires and also on my dj sets! Thanks for the music! :)»(7/10)

    Will support and chart

  • Trystan Rose:«Gourgeous sounds»(7/10)

    Will support

  • Ronnie Matthews:«Hot music with good potential in the right clubs, parties & even radio. We'll support.»(7/10)

    Will support and chart

  • Mr FUZZ:«Nice one.Soul of mine original mix for me. Thx»(7/10)

    Will support and chart

  • Questo indirizzo e-mail è protetto dallo spam bot. Abilita Javascript per vederlo. :«Soul of Mine is right up my alley! Thanks»(7/10)

    Will support and chart

  • DLX:«Soul of mine is crazy good.»(6/10)

    Will support and chart

  • jesuon:«perfect mood in "soul of mine" .. thank you»(6/10)

    Will support and chart

  • Toni Espagne:«nice»(6/10)

    Will support and chart

  • severino panzetta:«Soul of mine is super cool,»(6/10)

    Will support and chart

  • Carl Williams:«I love house!»(6/10)

    Will support and chart

  • Pietro Gagliostro - International Dance ®:«Also Back to heaven (original mix) is a good track.»(6/10)

    Will support and chart

SUN BURN PARTY by Maf Maf festival PDF Stampa E-mail

CYGNUSX1RECORDS present ours artists at SUN BURN PARTY by MAF MAF festival....


Kepler 22b EP - Shamano PDF Stampa E-mail
Kepler 22b EP 

RELEASE DATE: August 3rd, 2012 

FORMAT: Digital 

01 Icarus Dream the Mother Starship
02 Carpe Diem the Alleluyah 
03 Kepler 22b 
04 The Seeds of Life 
05 The Lyra Nebula 
06 Wow 

On the heels of the #2 on the Beatport chillout chart success of Dinodeuts' "Get Down (Party Star Downtempo Mix), cygnusx1records returns with a new EP from Shamano inspired by cosmic sounds and in particular the new amazing discoveries about the exo-planets and exo-solar systems. The release takes the name from the KEPLER22b solar system in the CYGNUS constellation, which seems to be the twin of our own beloved solar system. Even the star of the Kepler 22b system seems to be very similar to the Sun. Shamano imagines a journey onboard the ICARUS DREAM MOTHER STARSHIP watching the wonder of creation. This EP is an imaginary trip throught the infinite universe with a tsunami of musical sounds and sensations along the way. 

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top five on Beatport chill out PDF Stampa E-mail


4# on Beatport chill out chart!!!!

Get down EP PDF Stampa E-mail


A NEW DINODEUTS EP GET DOWN out on Beatport 17-05-2012


Released by: cygnusx1records 

Release/catalogue number: tr05 
Release date: May 17, 2012 
Listen promo on:



DINODEUTS-party star (downtempo mix)

DINODEUTS-party star (original mix)

DINODEUTS-get down (ibizasunrise mix)

DINODEUTS-get down(techsound mix)

DINODEUTS-get down(original mix)

Lonis-It takes a village EP PDF Stampa E-mail
cygnusx1records proudly presents...
Lonis - It Takes A Village EP

TITLE: It Takes A Village EP
LABEL: cygnusx1records
RELEASE DATE: December 7nd - 4 week exclusive on Beatport
PRESS/BLOGGERS: Please post and share 'The Cold Is Back' with your readers.
With his second release, Lonis wanted to create some real bombs for the most discerning of dance floors. "It Takes a Village" and "The Cold is Back" are tracks characterized by a strong groove with a unique blend of immersive tech house and floor filling electro house sounds.
To complete the release, a fast-paced and exciting remix by Shamano and a compelling b-side track called "Light Spring" with tantalizing tech sounds and an irresistible break!

cover art by morbidostyle


01 Lonis - It Takes A Village
02 Lonis - It Takes A Village (Shamano Mix)
03 Lonis - Light Spring
04 Lonis - The Cold is Back

Lonis aka Luigi Mautino began playing the game about 12 years ago and after some investments in private parties, he started working during the winter in some of the premises of the Susa Valley and especially in Bardonecchia, arriving in Turin. In 2009, along with friends Acuna, Lonis creates an evening at the Lab in London, called Rattle My Bones, where rotating guest DJ's played some of the most important scene in Turin. Also in 2009, Lonis began producing with his friend Daniele Vincenti aka Dinodeuts. In 2010, Lonis released his first EP on the newly formed label cygnusx1 records.

Dinodeuts' innovative spirit and the versatility with which he lives the music led him to become interested in it almost 360 degrees, all inspired by the baby dance movement that pervades the discos and clubs since the mid-Seventies to the birth of house music and techno in the Eighties. He worked as a resident in the biggest clubs in the upper valley in the Eighties and has a radio show on a private channel called Radionevesound, producing his first tracks for DanceDiscomagic (London Records).

In 2010, together with his friend and fellow DJ Lonis, he founded his independent label Cygnus X-1 Records with the release of the first ep Wonderful day and began working steadily in the field of electronic music: house with sounds of all kinds and even lounge and chill for a project under the pseudonym Giotto's Circle.

DJ Reactions
 Thnx - Israel Vich (Pantamuzik)
Good Tune!!  - Benji Candelario (Rhythm Mix)

Good track - Greg Fenton (Magazine Sixty)

The Cold Is Back is very nice tune! - Flash Brothers (Frisky Radio)
Dope stuff. Will road-test this weekend. - Rob Warner (Ibiza Voice)
Thanks! Downloading.  - Todd Burns (Resident Advisor)
Wow, great EP! Space funk, a little chunky house action...   -PointBender (Harmonious Discord)

support by: 
Seth Troxler,Sebastian Ingrosso,Richie hawtin,Benji Calendario, Pointbender, Debug and many more...

Name: Flash Brothers 
Venue: Frisky radio (San Francisco) / di.fm (new york) 
Publication: www.flash-brothers.com Sent: 11/11/11 20:28 Feedback: 14/11/11 02:26 
Favourite Track: the_cold_is_backoriginal_mix 
Rating: 4/5 The cold is back is very nice tune! 
Name: Rob Warner Venue: NZ/Asia 
Publication: Our House Magazine / robwarner.blogspot.com 
Sent: 11/11/11 20:29 Feedback: 14/11/11 09:29 
Favourite Track: IT_TAKES_A_VILLAGE_original_mix_ 
Rating: 4/5 Dope stuff. Will road-test this weekend. 
Name: PointBender Venue: Austin, TX Publication: www.pointbender.com Sent: 11/11/11 20:28 Feedback: 14/11/11 16:04 
Favourite Track: the_cold_is_backoriginal_mix 
Rating: 4/5 
Wow, great ep! Space funk, a little chunky house action. I like all of them except the Shamano remix doesnt seem to cover any additional ground that the original didn't cover. 
Name: seth troxler 
Venue: spectral, wagon repair, crosstown rebels 
Publication: Sent: 22/11/11 02:08 Feedback: 23/11/11 22:47 
Favourite Track: IT_TAKES_A_VILLAGE_original_mix_ 
Rating: 3/5 downloaded for seth troxler


Fashion EP-Dinodeuts PDF Stampa E-mail
ARTIST: Dinodeuts
TITLE: Fashion EP
LABEL: cygnusx1records
RELEASE DATE: October 20th - 4 week exclusive on Beatport
PRESS/BLOGGERS: Please post and share 'Sexy Funk'Sexy Funk' with your readers.
Using 360° to define an artist is a bit limited for Dinodeuts, in fact, you should apply a third dimension to classify the music he produces and performs: a music without borders and barriers - these are refined and sophisticated sounds. On "Fashion", his third release, these sounds range from progressive to funk and expressive deep house. The music of "Fashion" is inspired by the fantastic sounds and voices of the Eighties - the roots of the electronic music - while still sounding fresh and new for the 21st Century.


01 Dinodeuts - Fashion (Original Mix)
02 Dinodeuts - Fashion (Radio Edit)
03 Dinodeuts - Fashion (Electro House Mix)
04 Dinodeuts - Fashion (Ibiza Sunrise Mix by Lonis-Dinodeuts)
05 Dinodeuts - Sexy Funk (Original Mix)

Support from Richie Hawtin, Slam, De:Bug Magazine
Ibiza Sunrise Mix...works for me, thx. - Vazik (Sounds Of Earth)
Good Tune!!  - Benji Candelario (Rhythm Mix)
Sweet Ibiza Sunrise Mix. Thanks -Tyler Stadius (Dinamo FM)
Love the EP, Ibiza Sunrise Mix is a classic! Thanks. - Audioprone (We Are Here)
Lonis remix and Sexy Funk are cool. Thanks.  - My Favorite Robot (My Favorite Robot Records)
Thanks! Downloading.  - Todd Burns (Resident Advisor)
Lovin the deep house remix! - Fine Cut Bodies (CHi) 
Ibiza Sunrise mix for me  - Andrea Ferlin (Sleep Is Commercial)
I will take a mimosa with my Ibiza Sunrise!  - PointBender (Harmonious Discord)
Thnx - Israel Vich (Pantamuzik)
Downloaded. Thanks! - Issac (We Are Here)
The Ibiza Sunrise Mix is quite nice, like the mellow vibe on it... - Funk Shuei (Dialtone)

Amsterdam Dance Event entry mix by Lonis PDF Stampa E-mail


Ade 2011 Entry Mix from LONIS at Letsmix.com.


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