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La musica accompagna Daniele Vincenti aka Dinodeuts fin dalla tenera eta'ed è proprio come musicista/compositore che la sua carriera decolla,specialmente nel genere Rock ed Heavy Metal. Costituisce diverse rock ed electropop band con il ruolo di bassista/cantante,ispirandosi ad artisti come  Led Zeppelin, Rush,  King Crimson, Soft machine,Police, Cult, Metallica ,Depeche mode,Gary Numan, Joidivision, Abc ,Cure e Japan  dei quali suona ed interpreta parecchie tracce e parallelamente si interessa alla musica sperimentale tedesca(deutschcosmicmusic Tangerin dream, Neu, Kraftwerk ecc.) e francese dei primordi facendo vari esperimenti sonori con sintetizzatori e sampling ,musica che poi in futuro influenzerà in modo fondamentale la tecno e la house ma è con gli Autre Caire, prima e con gli Impatto, poi che raggiunge i livelli massimi vincendo nel 1996 il concorso per artisti emergenti denominato Rock targato Italia e producendo un cd intitolato "impatto".
Il suo spirito innovativo e la poliedricità con cui vive la musica lo portano ad interessarsi di essa praticamente a 360°,ispirandosi a  tutto il neonato movimento dance che pervade le discoteche ed i club dalla metà degli anni settanta alla nascita della musica house e techno negli anni 80. Lavora come resident nei club più importanti dell'alta valle come New Life e La Mandia e negli anni 80 conduce un programma radiofonico su un emittente privata chiamata radionevesound, producendo  le sue prime tracce dance per discomagic (london records).
Nel 2010,assieme all'amico e collega DJ Lonis, fonda la sua label indipendente Cygnus x1 records con l'uscita del primo ep Wonderful day ed inizia a lavorare stabilmente nel campo della musica elettronica, con sonorità house di ogni tipo, dando persino vita ad un progetto lounge e chill con lo pseudonimo giotto's circle.

The music accompanies Daniele Vincenti aka Dinodeuts from an early age and just like a musician / composer that his career took off, especially in the Rock and Heavy Metal genre. Rock and electropop band is different with the role of bassist /singer, inspired by artists such as Led Zeppelin, Rush, King Crimson, SoftMachine, Police, Cult, Metallica, Depeche Mode, Gary Numan, Joidivision, ABC, ofwhich Japan and Cure sounds and plays several tracks in parallel and is interested in the German experimental music (deutschcosmicmusic Tangerine Dream, Neu, Kraftwerk etc..) and French origins of making various sound experiments withsynthesizers and sampling, music which in future will affect fundamentally thetechnology and house but with Autre Caire, and with the first impact, then reachingthe maximum levels in 1996 by winning the competition for emerging artists calledRock weblog Italy and producing a CD called "impact".
His innovative spirit and the versatility with which he lives the music led him to become interested in it almost 360 degrees, all inspired by the baby dancemovement that pervades the discos and clubs since the mid-seventies to the birthof house music and techno in the 80 years. He works as a resident in the biggest clubs in the upper valley and sends it as New Life in the 80's and has a radio showon a private channel called radionevesound, producing his first tracks for danceDiscomagic (London Records).
In 2010, together with his friend and fellow DJ Lonis, he founded his independent label Cygnus x1 records with the release of the first ep Wonderful day and beganworking steadily in the field of electronic music, house with sounds of all kinds,even giving life lounge and chill for a project under the pseudonym Giotto's circle.

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Lonis, real name Luigi Mautino, began his career 15 years ago playing in some private parties and then move to the main clubs of the upper valley Susa, where he proposes his sets made ​​of deep house and tech sounds enriched with reinterpretations of typical funky 80 years.

Between 2004 and 2006 took part in a series of party linked to the Winter Olympics in Turin in 2006 and the following year as a DJ playing at the official World Cup snowboard during the stage of Bardonecchia.

His career takes a sharp turn trail 2008 and 2009 after a period of stay in Ibiza where she performed in some secret party, during the winter Create an event called Rattle My Bones that brings him to play in the best clubs of Turin as the Lab , Blanco, Kogin's club and many others.

In 2010, the residency of Bardonecchia Snowclub him to share the stage with artists such as Roberto Molinaro, Joe Kitikonti,Reset, Gigi D'Agostino, Lollino, Krakatoa and especially drives him to seek a sound more personal and refined.

Thanks to this constant evolution, in the same year he founded with his friend and DJ Daniele Vincenti aka Dinodeuts, the label Cygnusx1records and starts working immediately to the production of two EPs who see the light in 2011, YOU and IT TAKES A VILLAGE supported by many top DJs such as Richie Hawtin, Seth Troxler, Pointbender, Andrew Grant and many others.

In 2012, gets his second residency at the 2 Merli discoclub where he performs every Friday night offering a unique sound that is always overwhelming.

After attending the festival Maf Maf together with the new signing of Cygnusx1records Dawid Gurbowicz, is to be released on his third EP titled Hopeful Train.

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Dawid Gurbowicz has just been taken into the hands of the Cygnus X1 records giving birth to art as well as music in this all-Italian lable. Dawid is not only a painter, a writer and a photographer, but now a days it seems as if bpms have taken up most of his senses.

Originally from Poland, this 26 year old bloke has always been interested in the underground scene. In fact, even as a small boy, he's always embraced these different shades in order to combine them in installations and picturesque works of art.

Soon, Dawid realizes that music and art really work hand in hand. Hip hop beats and graffiting seem closer than ever and in the 90's he discovers a passion for vinals, scratching and mixing. All a must in the Hip Hop scenario.

As time goes by, the rhythm of his life and his interests towards music start to change. The beats become deeper and the art becomes softer with a more delicate surface than what used to be a rugged wall.

Carried by these influences, he attracts himself towards the freestyle scene and is able to collaborate with great italian names such as: Random Video Productions, Doors snowpark structures, Neuro Shock skate and snowboard store and has various sponsorships linking him to this world.

Once again, he brings his artistic tools into the snowboard scene and works hand in hand with photographers and video makers.

Overall, his musical background makes Cygnus X1 a good ally in order to create new projects mixed with a dynamic passion of up to date influences of the every day life.


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Luca Andorno is a young dj & music producer. He lives in Turin (Italy) . His musical style is ispired by progressive house and trance music. He creates his sounds with hard work almost like the first 90's italian progressive house .He is, Sander van Dorn, Ricard Dourand, Armin van Buuren Tiesto fan -- live style he is creative and he works using cd consolle .He meets Dinodeuts, dj label owner(cygnusx1records) and

he made his first international production with that label. 

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Alex Del Castillo E. the extravagant producer of electronic music born in Lima - Peru. 
Keeping the current electronic and current musical trends that takes sounds Tech House, 
Techno and Deep House Minimal to expand the musical spectrum. The A.k.A. Cabeza de Robot,
ADC_2412 and AlexDelC. were started in the production of electronic music since 2009 for
then to share with friends in 2012 began his career professional being signed by the record 
label, 9000 Audio Records (Switzerland), Sk Yaris Records (USA), Schicker Recordings (Germany),
We Most Recording (Argentina), Beatforge Records (Germany). South B Records (Brasil), 
Minimal Technique Recordings (Rusia), MinimalTrap Records (Brazil). Increasingly he has more proposals 
to sign with new and different stamps, their talent and variety of mixture of new sounds make this producer 
be in the top of sales and rapidly scale position.