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The music accompanies Daniele Vincenti aka Dinodeuts from an early age and just like a musician / composer that his career took off, especially in the Rock and Heavy Metal genre. Rock and electropop band is different with the role of bassist /singer, inspired by artists such as Led Zeppelin, Rush, King Crimson, SoftMachine, Police, Cult, Metallica, Depeche Mode, Gary Numan, Joidivision, ABC, ofwhich Japan and Cure sounds and plays several tracks in parallel and is interested in the German experimental music (deutschcosmicmusic Tangerine Dream, Neu, Kraftwerk etc..) and French origins of making various sound experiments withsynthesizers and sampling, music which in future will affect fundamentally thetechnology and house but with Autre Caire, and with the first impact, then reachingthe maximum levels in 1996 by winning the competition for emerging artists calledRock weblog Italy and producing a CD called “impact”.
His innovative spirit and the versatility with which he lives the music led him to become interested in it almost 360 degrees, all inspired by the baby dancemovement that pervades the discos and clubs since the mid-seventies to the birthof house music and techno in the 80 years. He works as a resident in the biggest clubs in the upper valley and sends it as New Life in the 80’s and has a radio showon a private channel called radionevesound, producing his first tracks for danceDiscomagic (London Records).
In 2010, together with his friend and fellow DJ Lonis, he founded his independent label Cygnus x1 records with the release of the first ep Wonderful day and beganworking steadily in the field of electronic music, house with sounds of all kinds,even giving life lounge and chill for a project under the pseudonym Giotto’s circle.

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